However if their partner try awaiting him with you to [a condom] it’s very unrealistic he’ll use it

A lot of men and you may female exactly the same indexed that every couples do not understand the mission in making use of good condom while pregnant as the woman is already expecting. Very someone linked trust certainly one of people so you’re able to condom have fun with, declaring you to definitely partners that do not use condoms believe both. Also, condom explore during pregnancy elicited concerns about infidelity and you can, thus, was not best out of head with regards to Zika protection. Eg, if you’re highlighting on which one carry out thought in regard to using an effective condom, one young pregnant woman indicated, “…Why would we want to fool around with good condom beside me when the you’re my personal woman and you also real time inside my household? You happen to be doing things additional [our house]. That’s what most men here imagine.” An additional FGD having low-pregnant women you to lady common,

Ninety per cent of men try disloyal. It’s more like 90-9 percent. While they leave and have now a trip [affair] which have a lady that is infected that have Zika, he could take it returning to our home.

Similarly, multiple low-women that are pregnant for the a good FGD stated another, in reaction to help you if lovers might use condoms during pregnancy,

In one FGD, guys offered the fresh new perception that playing with condoms try associated with the unfaithfulness because of the detailing it is well-known for males to get unfaithful and you can condoms might be always prevent the sexual transmission regarding problems and bacterial infections to their companion otherwise priple, in another FGD, two dudes mentioned

Fellow member 7: You have got to fool around with an excellent condom and also having a person’s partner you must make use of it to get rid of of many problems to the highway that exist just like the men do not have a banner [insinuating infidelity].

Such as for instance, one-man indexed, “I take advantage of it [condom] getting preventative measure. However with my partner I do not put it to use [condom].” In addition, whenever asked from the facilitator in regards to the feasibility of using an excellent condom while pregnant, multiple dudes into the an effective FGD said,

Fellow member seven: It is hard due to the fact immediately following she actually is currently pregnant because of the anyone just how is that people browsing have fun with a beneficial condom adopting the woman was expecting from you…

Participant dos: That would depend. In the event the, instance, your woman is expecting and you will, immediately following she got expecting, your become and now have ill out of Zika, now you have to utilize a good condom to avoid taking their own unwell.

Participant 5: Sure, I trust you. But in preserving the wedding, it is preferable not to put it to use. As to the reasons? When you are likely to go now that your lady are expecting, therefore give their particular, “we’re going to utilize klik herover nu this condom” she is going to reveal, “Who have you started which have? Where was in fact your?” And you can the woman is not gonna want to have anything to manage with you… Therefore that is what What i’m saying is it is very difficult.

Whenever extremely someone discussed not using good condom in pregnancy, they also tend to introduced the anxiety about believe between people, perceptions otherwise knowledge regarding cheating-because there is you don’t need to explore condoms to eliminate pregnancy-and you may preserving the connection

Participant 5: It [condoms] work given that often you are on the brand new roads while behave in another way than you do home, you know me personally, and you will people bacteria otherwise things are going to be stopped.

Participant cuatro: Sure, it is like he says as we have been most guys so we hang out in the pub. We could make mistakes so we can belong to some thing, what type doesn’t want during those times and you can fall. If in case i come to our home, such, into the lady, and you’ve got to believe.

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