Ross calls Richard and you will requests clearance however, Richard dodges the latest material

The guy calls Luis and you can says to your to handle the issue before Representative Ross actually starts to hook up the fresh new dots. Luis delivers Marco to trace Cataleya down and you may asked the Colombian up to they causes her loved ones.

Danny comes home and you can Cataleya bought food. He’s happier and you may Cataleya kisses your. Danny concludes their unique and you will asks to sit down, consume eating, and you will cam specific. She asks throughout the his travels and then he informs her they want accomplish a beneficial gallery regarding their really works. Danny asks in the their travel and you may she told you it was sizzling hot and you will she swimmed some. Danny clicks for more however, she’s reluctant. Danny tells her he just would like to see who the woman is. Danny asks just what she wants for break fast. “I really don’t eat break fast.” Cataleya claims. Danny and you may Cataleya bed to each other again. It is currently mid-day. Danny requires a fast photographs out-of Cataleya asleep. The guy gets their unique up with breakfast food and informs their they can eat it for dinner. Cataleya freaks away and claims she performed extreme and you will she must hop out. Danny is flustered, thinking exactly what the heck he performed completely wrong.

He asks her to check “Jennifer” to make sure she actually is legit therefore Danny may not be hurt

He is livid, having seen the paper. Cataleya has not avoided together with her contacting credit. Everyone is seeking all of them, proving one seven individuals were gunned off into the a club, one to getting a friend of Emilio. “You happen to be resigned.” Emilio tells their. Cataleya does not want to stop but Emilio says it is not just about their, it is regarding the members of the family she’s left, she’s getting them at risk. Whenever his young buck died, he slain a lot of people, but it changed nothing and he set his family on the line. Emilio will leave their unique that have an image of their mothers, an indication out of exactly what can feel shed. Cataleya sits and you will whines.

Cataleya visits chapel having Emilio and her grandmother. She is apparently willing to throw in the towel her pursuit of revenge.

Danny is at a restaurant these are his girlfriend “Jennifer” in order to a friend claiming he’s shedding for their however, he knows absolutely nothing from the their particular. The fresh buddy observes the new photo which can be shocked about how exactly hot she actually is. Danny try distracted with his automobile becoming ticketed so his buddy takes the telephone toward pictures and calls their cousin in rules which performs at the a police route. The guy has no clue just what he has over.

Cataleya match which have Emilio

Ross was at his computer system if it is pinged having Cataleya’s photographs. The guy contours the brand new rule to another cops station, possesses the new professional detained because they song this new code subsequent. Ross measures up the fresh new photographs towards the shelter footage in the jail as well as a complement. Cataleya ‘s the woman which he is searching for.

Cataleya goes house and you can calls Danny, seeking articulate just how she feels in the your. Danny says the fresh new photos and you will she freaks, asking just who more watched it. The guy says his pal just like the Cataleya checks the brand new edge out of their particular flat. SWAT is there in order to stop their. She activates the bath and you can climbs with the an excellent duct so you’re able to escape from their own flat.

She works because of numerous rentals, and goes into one to. Brand new occupant tries to create a fuss very she hits your away. She recovers an utilize and you may a good sniper rifle throughout the man’s toilet, she in the past rooted it here. She plants explosives towards the wall surface as the Ross along with his representatives blow the doorway to help you her apartment. She uses the fresh use to slide along the pipes as a result of the fresh new garage. She shoots from webcams which is able to fall on the a special sky duct before SWAT discovers their particular. She leads to the fresh subway and you will she sneaks away.

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